Links n’ Things: The Staircase of the Rich

The wealthy of the world are a problem. They are so stupendously rich that nobody has even the slightest idea how rich they are. Americans are growing into the ‘temporarily embarrassed millionaire’ mentality. What they might not be thrilled to hear is that being smart doesn’t cut it anymore. If you aren’t born rich you don’t have much of a shot. In the wise words of Bo Burnham, “take a deep breath and… give up. The system is rigged against you. Your hard work and talent will not pay off.” Unfortunately, this is by design. We live in a system designed to keep the poor people poor, and the rich people rich.

Billionaires aren’t just a policy failure, they are the embodiment of immorality. You can’t be a billionaire and a good person, despite what their astroturfing PR teams on Reddit may try to tell you for some of the ‘good ones’.

It’s literally impossible to accumulate that much wealth without the mass exploitation of others and the profits their labor generated. Not to mention the exploitation of the earth until it’s uninhabitable for human life.

George Washington was the richest man in the country when the US was founded, and he “only” had today’s equivalent of 500 million. That wouldn’t even get him in the room with some of these ghouls today.

If people only understood just how obscenely rich these monsters were, they wouldn’t be able to show their face in society while millions suffer. I like to use the analogy of a staircase, with each step on the staircase representing $100,000 of net worth. That’s several years of working wages saved up for tens of millions of Americans:

  • HALF of people in the united states are on the base or the very 1st step. Almost 200 million people who can’t even get one step up in this system.
  • Those households at the 80th percentile, richer than 4/5 Americans, are on the 5th step. That’s about five seconds of walking to get up there.
  • Those with more money than 90% of fellow Americans, millionaires who we consider our upper-middle class professional class and live more than comfortably, are on the 11th step. A few more seconds of walking up from that previous middle-class step. Most Americans won’t even come close to accumulating this much over an entire lifetime of working.
  • A billionaire is ten thousand steps up the staircase. That’s enough to walk up five Empire State buildings. That’s almost three hours of walking non-stop. You think they care about the petty squabbles of anyone on those first few steps or so? From these heights they couldn’t tell the difference even if they wanted to. And yet those who’ve maybe ascended or were born on the first few dozen steps think they identify with this group as a class.
  • And Jeff Bezos? He’s so high up it only makes sense to describe his staircase in distance. His stairs take him up 133 miles. That’s more than halfway to the space station. That’s more than 24 consecutive Mt. Everest’s stacked on top of each other. It would take walking, non-stop, no sleep, over two weeks to ascend that high, each single step worth more than five poverty-level families in America combined.

There is no justification in the universe to that much money being hoarded by one family, and anyone working to justify it is an agent of evil

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